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Mondzorgcentrum Kroonprins is a dental center owned by Maarten Wiewel, an independent dentist. Until March 2022, his practice was located in the Muziekwijk. The need for a larger working environment led to the move to  Kroonprinsstraat 3,  take a look here.

Quality and tranquility are the guiding principles in our dental care center. You can experience this in our approach and the appearance of our building. Our workdays almost always go according to plan, and patients rarely have to wait. Our modern and spacious building also contributes to an atmosphere of tranquility and quality. Personal contact is an important cornerstone of our approach. The reception desk is centrally located in the reception area, making it easy to communicate with the assistant from the waiting room. During treatment, we provide a step-by-step explanation of what we are doing. We also make an effort to create a safe environment for patients who may be anxious about visiting the dentist. Communication about prevention and treatment is deeply embedded in our approach. Our dental care center meets all requirements for safety and hygiene.

Our dental care center also has an independent speech therapist. child and adultlogopedie.nl . Our dentists regularly refer patients to her. The position of the tongue in the mouth and the pressure on the jaws affect teeth, swallowing, and speaking. The speech therapist can make an essential contribution to improving oral health. In addition, there may be situations in which patients have a tendency to gag when the dentist wants to treat them. A speech therapist can help these patients, as the cause is often related to muscle control in the mouth.


We employ various advanced techniques, including:

  1. T-Scan: The T-scan measures the pressure on the molars when they come together. If these chewing surfaces of the teeth do not fit together properly (due to grinding, for example), the patient can experience discomfort such as headaches or neck pain. The T-scan helps us determine the precise adjustments needed on the tooth's surface.
  2. CEREC Crown: CEREC is a system that allows us to provide you with a crown within a single day. We digitally measure the situation in the mouth, after which the dentist shapes the crown using the CEREC system. The crown is then processed, polished, and placed on-site.
  3. Digital Scanning: We use the 3Shape scanner for digital impression-taking, which provides immediate accuracy. Until recently, the standard method for making tooth impressions involved using paste. However, since the beginning of 2021, we have been using 3Shape scanning. Digital scanning is used in creating various dental appliances, including crowns, bridges, retainers, and invisible braces.
  4. Myobrace: The Myobrace is a plastic muscle trainer designed to gradually correct poor mouth habits, especially in children. The Myobrace is worn for at least one hour during the day and, later on, during the night. With the Myobrace, orthodontic treatment with braces can be shortened or even made unnecessary.


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