We'll tell you exactly what we're going to do

We'll tell you exactly what we're going to do

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Ensuring Quality in Our Approach

Quality assurance is integral to our work method, encompassing both formally regulated protocols and standards, as well as the interpersonal interactions we have with each other and with you.

Our approach is guided by numerous rules, protocols, and standards that ensure the quality and safety of both our team and our patients. These regulations are woven into our work method and organizational structure. Naturally, we continuously adapt to innovations and changes initiated by the central government.

Key areas in quality assurance encompass hygiene, radiation protection, and waste disposal. Hygiene includes elements such as:

  • Internal Procedures: The internal routing we follow.
  • WIP Guidelines: Adherence to the guidelines set by the Infection Prevention Law.
  • Risk Assessment and Evaluation: Ongoing assessment of potential risks.

Additionally, we participate in refresher courses annually to remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in our field. As a self-managing team, we are dedicated to enhancing the skill set of all team members. We regularly acquire proficiency in new disciplines, such as anesthesia and digital scanning. A portion of our team members have undergone training to become registered prevention assistants.

In addition to quantifiable aspects, quality also encompasses intangible factors; the way in which patients experience the quality of our services. Do you feel acknowledged and welcomed at our practice? Are your concerns heard when you have questions or need clarification? Do we provide clear information about procedures, options, costs, and alternatives? We strive for your answer to be a resounding "yes." If not, we earnestly encourage you to share your feedback with us.